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Bay Harbor Podiatry Group Volunteer at CareNow/LA Free Clinic

CareNowLA.MittlemanOver 50 million Americans are without health care today, even though health care is considered a standard of living. Each day, 2.2 million residents of Los Angeles County go without basic health care and preventive treatment, and instead suffer with chronic pain, injuries, infections, diseases, and lower quality of life. Yet this month, CareNow—a national non-profit founded by Dan Manelli—brought its free mega-health clinic to Los Angeles in an effort to provide quality care and treatment to the underserved families and vulnerable individuals living without health insurance and services. Over 7,000 doctors and nurses of all specialties, including the team at Bay Harbor Podiatry Group, donated their time to serve 3,750 patients for free over the course of four days at the Los Angeles Sports Arena….
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