PedAlign™ Foot Orthotics


The foot is a complicated machine. Each foot contains 26 bones and 33 joints held together by 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and scores of tendons. That’s a lot of moving parts! PedAlign™ Foot Orthotics If you suffer from foot maliadies, gain the ‘gift of mobility’ from PedAlign™’s electronically measured, podiatrist-prescribed orthotics.

PedAlign™ Foot orthotics provides relief for as many as three million people suffering from foot pain or recovering from foot surgery.

PedAlign™ is a highly efficient, highly accurate system for creating orthotics.

PedAlign™ uses only the highest grade materials, in the fabrication of your orthotics. All shells, top covers, postings and materials are rigorously screened to insure that your orthotics provide superior comfort and the ultimate in biomechanical control.

Using infrared optical scanning technology that captures and digitizes your foot’s arch height and contours in a split second, your doctor can transmit your footprint and prescription to PedAlign for evaluation and production of the finest quality orthotics.

With a variety of custom styles, PedAlign™ offers orthotics tailored to your shoe styles: fashion, sports, performance, casual, and diabetic.